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What is SAP Activate?

As part of SAP S/4HANA implementation strategy, SAP has developed a new implementation approach called SAP Activate. SAP Activate is a combination of 3 pillars: Methodology, Best Practices and Guided Configuration.

Best Practices put together pre-assembled configuration (build blocks), process flows, configuration rationales and test scripts based on the project scope.

It works like a prototype that you can use to demonstrate solutions to key user and final users in order to validate solutions proposed and mitigate risks of misunderstandings so common in this kind of project.

Methodology is great because you can have access to a lot of templates, samples besides migrations toll and other sites aligned with a hybrid methodology that put together SAP implementation techniques and agile philosophy. Finally, Guided Configuration that is a way that SAP is trying to simplification configuration tasks in S/4HANA.

As you know IMG (Implementation Guide) is not for beginners and with this new tool, in my perspective the idea is to have users taking more config. responsibilities and consequently reducing consulting costs.

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