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There is a Lack of Professionals with SAP Implementation Skills

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Professionals who wants to become Experts in S/4HANA will need to learn SAP Activate

The SAP Solutions are used by Large Companies all over the world, and are recognized as a differential for business.

However, even after years of implementation and use, the companies still have dificulties to reach all the benefits from the investiment in this platform.

We can point out many reasons for this, however, I will mention two of them, which happen in most of the SAP projects

1 – System Misuse: Many professionals who use SAP solutions weren’t trained at the time of the project, or learned through fellow co-workers, who wasn’t  system specialist.

In this type of situation, people sub-use the system or have to deal with unnecessary reworks because they don’t how to explore the systems functionalities.

2 – High level of Customization of Solutions: Each project has a different context, and many times, issues that occur during the project impair the use of “standard” solutions.

Since the users are not aware about decisions made during the solution design, they always blame the system and resist in using the functions that were implemented.

Besides, the customization  increases the maintenance expenses and jeopardize the adoption of innovations.

The high level of customization of a solution has many reasons, such as: Lack of knowledge from the consultants, little clarity when defining the business’s requeriments, no engagment of leadership and, mainly, inadequated use of the Methogologies.

Few professionals have a deep knowledge of the adequate methodologies, processes and tools to deploy a SAP solution.

This reality tends to worsen now that SAP launched the S/4HANA, and for that, developed a new methodology called Sap Activate, which brings a series of changes in the way to deploy its solutions.

The end of the BluePrint phase, the availability of new accelerators, the incorporation of quick concepts and the use of 100% cloud solutions are on the list of the many changes that this new approach will bring to the market.

SAP Activate is the path for Companies to adopt and extract all the benefits from S/4HANA.

If the Businesses don’t want to repeat the mistakes from the past, this time they will need professionals who really know how to deploy SAP.

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