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PMO in SAP Project S / 4HANA

Have you noticed that the introduction of agile methods in the management of SAP S / 4HANA deployment projects changed the profile of the PMO that we used to do?

The PMO of an SAP project has always been very traditional and aligned with a waterfall project.

But as #SAPActivate is a hybrid approach, its phases (prepare, explore, Realize and deploy) have different characteristics.

Some with waterfall characteristics and others more aligned with Agile methods.

For example, in the explore phase, we carry out a series workshops (A and B) and management is very similar to what we usually do in a traditional implementation project with trackers for workshops, open design questions, gap killer, among others.

But in the construction phase, the context changes completely.

The PMO have to deal with sprints, daily meetings, Kanban moreover the new governance that include the SCRUM of SCRUM meeting, among others.

The best answer that I found is to plan a on going PMO processes and controls that takes into account the unique characteristics and products of each project phase.

But how about you, how are you dealing with this challenge in your #SAP S / 4HANA implementation project?

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