SAP Project Manager

One of the biggest difficulties that SAP professionals face in their careers is the transition to management positions.

Many SAP professionals who have deep technical knowledge become managers however, usually they do not have the skills to play this new role.

Usually, the beginners managers deal with new challenges using the same methods of the past.

However, SAP Projects are very complex with several teams performing different activities that need to be integrated.

SAP Projects also have extremely challenging deadlines and high investment values ​​that need to be managed effectively by the Project Leader and his team.

In addition, SAP projects involve professionals with different backgrounds, which increases the difficulties in people management.

Beside that SAP professionals who take a manager role are rarely prepared for this huge challenge. Because, is no such training available.

Without this preparation professionals who assume this role are very exposed. In many cases they do not deliver the projects, give up and are fired.

To help you how to deal with this sort of challenges, we put in place an E-Book with the 5 critical competencies for a SAP Project Manager.

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If you are already an SAP manager or intend to be this E-book is exactly for you.

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Best Wishes,

Rogerio Toscano.

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