SAP Functional for Beginners

Based on ASUG statistics (World Association of SAP users), 70% of large companies in the world has deployed or think to deploy SAP solutions.

SAP is a software company that with around 293,000 customers in 190 countries.

This scenario opens up opportunities for professionals that work in information technology area and form other careers as well, such as: Accountant , Business and Engineering .

However, begin in a new professional career is not very simple, especially in an area disputed and closed as the SAP world.

For this reason, many professionals do not feel confortable to start in the SAP world.

Honestly most ot them do not even know how to start.

The main questions that concerns SAP beginners are as follow:

1. How to start?

2. What is the path to become a SAP professional?

3. How does the SAP career works?

4. What types of SAP professionals working in SAP area?

5. How can I start if SAP training are too expensive?

6. What sort of trainings should I to invest my money?

7. What is the best option for my career? SAP Functional or ABAP programmer?

8. What SAP module or solution SAP should I choose from my career?

9. Is it worth to get a SAP Academy certificate?

10. Which certificate applies for my skills?

11. How to deal with lack of time and difficulty in obtaining information about SAP?

Usually, many professionals that start in this area do not how SAP Career works. They make high level of investments and often with no return.

For example:

A Functional SAP costs around of $ 2,000.00 to $ 3,000.00 and it does not guarantee that you will be able to start your SAP career.

However, it is not the worst thing that can happen!

Some professionals, even after a huge amount of investment in training and SAP certification realize that chose the wrong path.

But, how can you avoid to deal with this embarrassing situation and in some situations lose money?

Imagine if you can have a training 100% developed for beginners!

A training that explains you how SAP world works and the knowledge that we need in order to have the market recognition.

This training can also explain you the main SAP solutions, and let you know the fundamentals functionalities required for system Navigation.

The best part is this training is affordable for beginner!

If you understand that a training like this one will make the difference in your career and is going to help you learn more about the SAP world and the company solutions.

Please, leave your E-mail in Link Below.

>>>>>>> Click Here to have more information about training!

Best Wishes,

Rogerio Toscano.

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