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ABAP SAP for Beginners

ABAP (Advanced Commercial Applications Programming) is a high-level programming developed by SAP software company.

It is a main language of work in the main solutions of the Company.

SAP ABAP for Beginners is an Evoluto Solutions tranning that helps you to be ready for your first program in this language.

Content of the exercise:

Module 1 – Technological Environment – NetWeaver, 3-Tier Architecture, Query Processing, Environments: Development, Quality and Production, Request for Change: Customizing, Request for Change: Workbench, ABAP Workbench.

Module 2 – Elements of Linguistics -Types Data Elements, Global Types, Variables, Work Areas, Internal Tables, Declaration of Types, Flow Control, Mathematical Operators and Chain Manipulation.

Module 3 – Programs – Inactive and Active Versions, Breakpoints and Watchpoints and Modification of Variables.

Module 4 – Simple Relationships – Parameters, Select-options, SELECTION START, Basic Parameter Validation, Message Selection, WRITE Format, Titles and Text Elements, Translation.

Module 5 – ABAP Tools – Function Creator (SE37), ABAP Editor [SE3BJ, ABAP Development Workbench [SEBO], Errors in Execution Time (5T22), Debug Object and / or Editor Customization and Work with Requests (ST09).

Module 6 – Modularization – Local subroutines, Function Groups, Function Modules and Exception Handling.

Module 7 – Access to the Data Bank – Tables, Data Elements and Domains, Primary Keys, Secondary and Indexes, Access Data: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, Reading Techniques and Writing Techniques.

Module 8 – Basic Database – Index Creation, Domains Creation, Data Elements eTable, Technical Configurations and Maintenance Dialogue.

Module 9 – Search HeIp! Search Help and Adapt Search Help.

Module 10 – Reports – Exploration / Selection of AT Lines and ALV Grid.

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