SAP Advisory

With our SAP Advisory services we support your company to extract value form SAP solutions.

The Evoluto Solutions has an exclusive methodology that guides our clients from selecting the right SAP solution to a final delivery of the project.

Our approach is 100% aligned with a SAP ACTIVATE methodology (new SAP methodology).

Our consulting services are different from any other service on the market. Our professionals have high Experience in SAP implementation in project management, execution, technical implementation and general program governance.

Having a well-qualified SAP Project Advisor could tremendously benefit your SAP implementation to ensure that it gets back on track in a quick and effective manner to meet your project timeline and goals.

We recommend that you should consider addition of Evoluto Solution consulting services in the following situations:

1- You want to identify the benefits of SAP solutions for your business and set up a business case to demonstrate the value to your organization;

2 – You need to identify the business requirements that need to be met for SAP enterprise solutions;

3 – You are about to start a new SAP project and would like to proactively use SAP implementation best practices to reduce the risks of failure.

4- Your project is running behind schedule or exceeding budget in excess of 15%.

5 – Your systems integrator is continuously missing project milestones or modifying the list of deliverables due at each milestones there by putting the project at risk.

6 – Your project scope is frequently adjusted to meet budget and timeline.

7 – You believe that your SAP systems integrator leadership or implementation team is under-qualified and lacks a industry specific experience.

8 – Your project team feels that solution designed and built by the SI may impose significant risks to your business upon go-live. This may arise if the quality of solution is poor or integrated system may not work as per design.

9 – You have a fixed fee implementation and need thorough check of deliverables produced by your SAP systems integrator.

For more information about our consulting service, send an e-mail to:

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